who is holz + stein

Holz + Stein is a creative marketing name that means WOOD and STONE. The word Holz is a Germanic meaning for WOOD and the word STEIN is a Germanic meaning for ROCK or STONE. Eighty percent of construction projects are constructed from these two materials, hints the word Holz + Stein.

Brian Karr


Brian’s family migrated from Germany in the late 1800 to settle in the west Texas oil fields of Abilene, Midland and Lubbock Texas. Brian grew up in Amarillo, TX and attend West Texas A&M where he received his marketing degree. Brian worked for the next 13 years in corporate America with companies such as Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Otsuka Pharmaceuticals and Quest Diagnostics. Brian relocated to Dallas in 1999 and started his first company Holz + Stein Architectural Surfaces, a hardwood floor and granite countertop company.www.holzandstein.com


Once that company was established, Brian followed his dream to become a custom home builder. Brian understands all phases of construction and he believes the most important part of this process is to be transparent with his clients.


Here at Holz + Stein we have an OPEN BOOK POLICY in our operation. We show every invoice and bank statements to every client throughout their construction process. Being transparent in our operations is the cleanest most honest approach a builder could offer a client.


Outside of work, Brian enjoys his time with his family and three dogs, George, Harvey and Tex.

Carlos Rodri


Carlos had the honor of serving our country as an Army Medic for 6 years. He attended Durham University in Northern England for his executive MBA and obtained a finance degree from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada.


His extensive investment experience combined with his background in running family offices and commercial real estate making him a valuable partner to the Holz + Stein’s team. His previous employers include UBS, Merrill Lynch, PaineWebber and Bank of America Private Bank.


Carlos currently volunteers his time as an Election Judge with Dallas County Elections and serves in the Texas State Guard as a non-commission officer helping Texans during natural disasters.


Brian and Carlos are both big advocates of taking care of our veterans and first responders and have donated for years to those organizations.